The Laboratory Equipment is the heart of the lab. Our Laboratory Equipment decisions are always made with customer value and best results in mind. The Laboratory Instruments our lab obtains are always carefully selected and purchased by the top suppliers in Europe.

Constantly keeping updated with the most modern and the state of the art laboratory equipment is the unique philosophy that is followed by our lab As part of making super specialty diagnostic facilities accessible and at the same time cost efficient for our customers. The lab personnel is well aware of the fact that only the most modern laboratory equipment can provide quick, precise, accurate results.

The laboratory infrastructure is consisted with high technology. This factor contributed significantly to the accreditation of the laboratory.

This is why we are proud to say that the laboratory equipment we use is state of the art.It must be mentioned that all laboratory equipment is calibrated regularly.The experience and academic training of the personnel facilitates to carrying out a wide range of laboratory tests/ examinations productively and efficiently.

The routine analysis provided by the lab such as check-ups, hormones, cancer indicators etc. are handled within the same day.However, the specialized genetic analysis which are more complex require more than 24 hours but are available in less than a week.